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Please allow us to update your information on the HUSPAGE by filling out the form below.  Whether you are a regular member of Hus Langskipp, or a relative of Family  Langskipp, chances are that our people from all over the known world will come here to the HUSPAGE to see how to contact you at some point.  Thus it is important that your information be up to date.    This is also where you can notify us of any changes to your information.  Once Lord & Lady Langskipp have reviewed the information you send here, the HUSPAGE will be updated.


NOTE:  Regular Members of Hus Langskipp must fill in all the requested fields on this form.  The underlined field names are the only ones which will be displayed here on the HUSPAGE.  Relatives of the Family are only asked to fill in the fields marked in YELLOW.  Thank you for your time.


SCA Name:


Mundane Name:




Home Kingdom:

If you do not know which KINGDOM you live in, please provide a mundane city/state name in the ADDRESS field above and we will determine it for you.


Home Barony, March or Shire:


Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email Address:



Midieval Skills / Interests:


Titles / Awards:


SCA Persona  (Time Period / Ethnicity):


Would you like to have an email address here at LANGSKIPP.COM?: Yes  No

What would you like it to be?

This email address will be a mask for the one you provided above.  EXAMPLE:

There will be no change to your current email provider.  People will simply be able to send you messages using this address to your already existing email address.


Do you have a graphic file of your arms (SCA Hearaldry)?

If so please upload it here so that we can display it along with your name:

We can use almost any graphics format, but prefer to use the following file types:  .jpg  .gif  .bmp


PRIVACY NOTICE:  All you are doing by submitting this form is sending your information to Lord & Lady Langskipp via email.  We will make every effort to protect your privacy at all times, and we will only release your information online and to other Langskipp Members in the manner shown above.  However, we take no responsibility for identity theft or other information related crimes which can result from this type of internet exchange.  By submitting this form you are showing your consent to have the information you provided here in released online via this website.